Change BOM with future Valid From date

In case that you need to plan the change in BoM for future, it is necessary to use Change records.

Create Change record

Transaction: CC01

(press Enter)

on the next screen fill Change number desription, Valid from, Reason for change and Change no. status field:

tick check boxes as shown and press “Save”:

Change BoM

In our example (material 64103) the component 39801 will be replaced by component 39802 with Validity from 25.10.2015.


change component number here and save the BoM:

Now, if you reopen the BoM:

One thought on “Change BOM with future Valid From date”

  1. Difference between fields MENGE and MNGLG:

    MNGLG field gives the calculated component quantity based on your input required quantity EMENG. The value of which will match with the production order (no rounding off).

    EMENG is the quantity of the parent product that you want to produce and then the function module will return you with the quantities of each of the components required to make this quantity of the parent product. The fields MNGLG, MNGKO will give you the required component quantity in base unit of measure and component unit of measure (as per the BOM).

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