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Working with the Material Master Data

In the SAP MM module, material master data refers to all the material master records that are stored in the system. In other words, material master data consists of the description of all the materials that an organization not only purchases but also produces and keeps in its stock. The material master data acts as a central database of information for the materials in an organization.

Maintaining the details of all the materials at a central location not only minimizes the risk of data redundancy but also allows other departments of the organization to share this data among themselves. The other departments of the organization can use the material master data to perform various tasks, such as invoice verification and inventory management. The material master record is used by different departments of an organization, and each department requires different information about the material. For example, the purchasing department might require only the price of the material to perform price control functions; whereas, the sales department might require the sales data to prepare the sales graph of a given period of time.

To facilitate locating the relevant data, various fields have been provided in the Create Material (Initial Screen). Every department can easily locate and access the data required by it by entering the relevant details in these fields.
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Steps of master data creating

Steps of master data creating


1 Creating material master
2 Mark old material as inactive
3 Update SAP BOM, compare it with Agile BOM
4 Material number, views Base1 / Base 2
5 Purchasing view
6 Sales view
7 MRP 1/2/3/4
8 Accounting 1 / accounting 2
9 Costing 1 / 2
10 Create BOM
11 Create PP routing
12 Create production version in material master
13 Create cost collector
14 Create preliminary cost estimate
15 Create material-customer inforecord
16 Create SD price condition
17 Create SD scheduling agreement
18 Create JIT production information (JITL)
19 Clearance of sales agreements (&EMFOR)
20 Create MM SA and source list