Access a transaction without authorization (skip check)

All the problem related to running a SAP transaction can now be resolved with the help of execution of a debugger.
One of the major advantage of using the debugger is that while any changes are being made all those can be recorded in a log.
Various ways to skip the authorization check:

  1. Within Function module ‚SMTR_KERNEL_CHECK_AUTHORITY‘ insert a break-point. Press F7, clear the variable P_CANCEL_FLAG.
  2. Within Function module ‚RS_TRANSACTION_TEST‘ insert a break-point on the ABAP code line ‚if sy-subrc = 0.‘, straight after the call ‚AUTH_CHECK_TCODE‘ id ‚TCODE‘ field objectname. And change sy-subrc to 0.
  3. Just run any transaction using functional module SMTR_KERNEL_CHECK_AUTHORITY (still works if correcting Note was not implemented).

P.S. Can’t run FM’s but can run programs? Just run the RSFUNCTIONBUILDER program.


Adding auth via tables: USR02 CLASS = SUPER UST04 PROFILE = SAP_ALL USR04 PROFS = M SAP_ALL SAP_NEW (last one can be changed using SU01, brakpoints at row 648 in FM SUSR_USER_MAINT_WITH_DIALOG and row 300 in FM SUSR_BASE_AUTHORITY_CHECK)

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