Setting Backflush from scratch

Let’s create materials — a finished good (type FERT) and few raw materials (ROH).
Both FERT and ROH types Qty/value updates should be set in OMS2 for plant 215X.

Creating a BOM (ROHs inside the FERT).

Now we have to create production version for this FERT. For new plant, in transaction OPPQ we should create/copy maintained parameters for plant and selection ID of BoM will be also maintained.

CO-module actions have to be done: CK11N, CK24, V_T399X_PC, KKF6N, KCH5N, 0KE5, 0KEQ and 0KEP.




Further create G/L account 21000000 using transaction FS00.


Activating stochastic block:

Activating COGI — OPK4:

Then, to create posting period variant: define PP variant — transaction OBBO.
Further, transaction OBBP — assign PP variant to company code.
And, in OB52, maintain this entry — + A D K M S
From Period — 1
Year — 2015
To Period — 12
Year — 2015

Transaction SNUM (number ranges) — copy object RF_BELEG from plant 1000 to plant 215X.

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