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  1. Uchla
    17.11.2014 @ 20:16

    Firm zone is the time frame in which you cannot change your orders (schedule lines) that you have ordered from a vendor in any way (Date change nor quantity change).

    Trade off zone is time frame within which you can make changes to your procurement proposals, these changes are acceptable from vendor’s side.

    These time frames are agreed with the Vendor and then inserted for each scheduling agreement in ‚Additional data‘.

    For your example if you take firm zone 30 days and trade-off zone 60 days, the check starts from current day on which MRP runs. For exampe current day is 1st Oct, all the procurement proposals with delivery date within 30 days that is till 1st September are firm orders, which MRP will not change in any case (You can find such orders with * in front of them in MD04 list). Beyond 1st september they are in trade off zone, in which MRP can modify them.

    MRP types have no correlation with these zones.


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