What are Enjoy transactions in SAP?


An enjoy transaction is one that was released with the mysap.com release, which is also know as the „Enjoy“ release.
Enjoy transactions are the new transactions (from rel. 4.6A, which is nearly 10 years old now) were created to „make life easier“ for the endusers and performs all the operations performed by its classical counterpart in one screen only. All clickable elements have 3D qualities, while the input and output fields remain 2D for simplified reading.
A lot of transactions have been rewritten to use the new control framework. All Enjoy transactions are having ‚N‘ character at the suffix of the transaction (ME21N, VL02N etc). These transactions „replaced“ older transactions. The sap enjoy transactions typically are much more user friendly in appearance, support custom controls, ALV tree and ALV grids, docking containers, node structures, picture controls in them. But transactions ending with „N“ doesn’t qualify them as eNjoy. May be „N“ was used to indicate „New“, SE43 & SE43N – neither of them are eNjoy transactions.


As example described data can be found in the t-code ME21N (completely writting in OOPS ABAP). The old ME21 transaction uses the classic dynpro technology without using the control framework.
Enjoy sap controls are containers that can built dunamically using objects/classes. In general batch input is not possible for those screens. The SAP material BC412 contains all about this. It’s all about ABAP Screen programming.

Today the term „Enjoy“ is not common anymore.

„SAP software works the way I do.“

P.S. MCV9 transaction:



SE16 or SE16N? Don’t forget there are differences between SE16 and SE16N. SE16N is much more fun! There are many advantages of using SE16N as opposed to SE16, for example: With SE16N you can check number of entries in background – good for production environments where the table is very large and timeouts occur. You can see technical names and descriptions for fields. You are not limited to table width. The results are displayed in ALV grid format.

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