“Changed REM profile regarding generation of postprocessing records”

You can display backlogs from the backflush in repetitive manufacturingusing Transaction MF47/COGI. The repetitive manufacturing profile of the assembly provides for the generation of collective & individual postprocessing records.
An inconsistency may arise between a collective record and the respective single records, that is, the quantity of the collective record is not equal to the cumulative quantity of the respective single records.



or, JITM action BFLU:

press the “Components” button in JITB and fill “Assembly” with the finished good numbers.

JITM action BFLU:

You will get the list of components:

Carry out transacion SA38 and program ZINCON_REPROC in it and maintain the relevant components from the step above.

You will get the list of all inconsistencies and final message “All displayed inconsistencies have been deleted”.

Reprocess errors once again in JITB.