ZTOAD – alternate SQL builder (SAPLink)

ZTOAD – is an alternate SQL builder (SAPLink). It can be installed using SAPLink (SAPLink should be installed as well).

SAPLink is a tool for importing and exporting ABAP developments from one system to another. The main terms of SAPLink are nuggets and slinkies:
a) a slinkee file (.slnk) is used for single objects to be imported or exported. Slinkees are very quick and easy to use and recommended for single object collaboration. They can be imported and exported from the „Object“ tab.
b) SAPLink nuggets are the SAPLink packaging system that enables multiple objects to be imported/exported in one handy dandy file (.nugg). Nuggets can be imported, created, and displayed from the „Nugget“ tab.

With ZTOAD (called ZTOAD in reference of a famous query builder in the SQL) you can write and execute queries, in OpenSQL format (the format used in ABAP programs). Result is displayed in an ALV at bottom part of the screen:

The order is next:
1. Install SAPLink
2. Install DDic plugin (just import NUGG_SAPLINK_DDIC.nugg nugget file).
3. Install ZTOAD
4. Launch SE38 -> ZTOAD

P.S. In case of error „CLASS ZSAPLINK DEFINITION LOAD statement is missing.“ just add the string

after the string

in the ZSAPLINK program.

P.P.S. „Plugin for object type TRAN is not installed on this system“: CLAS_ZSAPLINK_TRANSACTIONS.slnk,
„Plugin for object type DEVC is not installed on this system“: CLAS_ZSAPLINK_DEVC.slnk
and activate „Inactive local objects“ in SE80.

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